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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Endeavour Living's services for tenants. If the question you need to ask is not listed here, please get in touch with us either by clicking the Contact Us button at the top of the screen, or by calling us on 020 8209 0707.

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Life made simple

Q: Who pays the bills and how does it work?

A: We pay for a number of your bills which include a weekly cleaner as well as broadband. The Gas, Electricity and Council tax (where applicable is split between all flatmates to pay on a monthly basis)

Q: What bills are included?

A: Your rent is inclusive of TV license, water rates as well as Wifi, In addition we also include a weekly cleaner to clean the communal areas to save the hassle of a weekly rota.

Q: Does a couple pay the same as a single?

Yes for our selected ensuites that we reserve for couples, the weekly rental is the same whether it's a couple or single person. You do however pay gas and electric as individuals. You will only find one couple if any at all in our flats as we like to ensure our flats are not overcrowded.

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Weekly Cleaner – No need for the weekly rotas

Q: How often does the cleaner come and does the cost form part of my bills?

A: Your cleaner will be at your apartment once a week to clean all the communal areas. The cost of the cleaner has already been financed by us, so it doesn't cost you a penny more.

Q: Do they clean our rooms?

A: No your cleaner will only clean the communal areas for you. You can however pay an extra monthly fee to pay to have your room professionally cleaned each week.

Q: Do you charge for cleaning when we leave?

A: No we don't as you have already paid an admin fee at the start of your contract which covers both your check in and check out.

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A place to call home – we'll even introduce you to your flatmates before you arrive

What is the maximum number of people that can live in any one house?

A: Most of rooms are single occupancy only rooms. We do have some designated rooms for two people to share, usually our ensuite bedrooms. Majority of our apartments are 4 bedrooms apartments with some 5 and 6 bed properties.

Q: Can a friend stay over for a few days?

A: Yes of course. Most of our sharers are international clientele from all over Europe and further afield, so we will expect that you will have guests occasionally or have partners stay over. However if you are going to have guests over, do ensure you have told your flatmates you will have a guest over for a few days. If the stay will be for more than a few days, you will need to get permission from us to allow an extra person for no longer than 10 days. Please note you are responsible for your guests during their stay.

Q: Do you provide all kitchenware?

A: Yes we equip the flat with all the essential utensils you will need, however you may choose to bring your own utensils as we only provide the basics.

Q: What furniture is provided in your rooms?

A: Every room is different but in each room we provide a quality bed and matrass and wardrobe. Some rooms will have desks, sofas and coffees tables but this very much depends on the room.

Q: What if something is wrong with my room when I move in?

A: Not a problem, simply contact us at and report the issue. We will send someone out to fix the problem.

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Meet new people – and join the London Flats community.

Q: Do you accept couples?

A: Yes we do but we only have a very small number of rooms that are available for couples, usually our ensuite bathrooms. This is to ensure none of our flats are overcrowded and the bathroom to tenant ratio is well balanced.

Q: What sort of people rent your properties?

A: We primarily rent to young professionals and students. All our tenants are generally in their mid twenties up to mid thirties. We do have a minimum age of 20 and they must be either working professionals or mature students. Our tenants primarily come from various parts of UK, Western Europe, the US, Japan, China and India.

Q: Can we decide who moves in if a room comes available in our property?

A: We certainly welcome any suggestions for potential flatmates, however any potential tenant would still need to go through our checks and we will have the final say.

Q: Do you have a gender mix in your properties?

A: Yes we do.

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How do you deal with our maintenance problems?

Q: What do we do if there are some maintenance issues in the property?

A: All you need to do is send us an email detailing the issue. The job will be allocated to one of our qualified contractors to repair. You will be kept informed at all times

Q: What if it is an emergency and it is not within office hours?

A: For all emergencies we have a dedicated team of engineers who will come out after hours to resolve the issue. Any non-emergency matters will be dealt with the following day.

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Q: Will there be Internet at my property?

A: Yes we do provide broadband in all of our properties.

Q: Will I have to pay any additional charge for the Internet?

A: No, the cost of the internet is included in your rent through our third party providers.

Q: What shall I do if I am experiencing issues with the internet?

A: We provide you with contact details to our 3rd party providers – Utility Warehouse who will be able to resolve any technical difficulties you may be having with your internet service. They will usually need you to be at home with your device so they can troubleshoot the issue. Where it cannot be resolved over the phone they will send out a qualified engineer to fix the problem in person.

Q: Can I be provided with a phone line?

A: I'm afraid not, we don't provide telephone lines in any of our properties.

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Q: Where is my deposit kept?

A: We have a dedicated client's account which holds all our client deposits which is only accessible when each tenant vacates.

Q: Can I pay my last month's rent using my deposit?

A: No you can't use your deposit to cover your last rent. Firstly, your deposit is strictly to cover any damage to your room and any arrears for either your rent or last bills. Secondly, all client are kept securely in a client account until you leave which we cannot access to pay your rent.

Q: Do you often deduct money from people's deposits?

A: No we don't. Thankfully this is a rare occurrence for us which we largely attribute to the kind of tenants we place in our apartments.

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Q: Will I get a copy of the tenancy?

A: All our contracts are signed electronically, so once you have signed your copy - the signed copy will automatically be emailed to you for your records.

Q: Are the agreements binding?

A: Yes all our license agreement are binding a contract.

Q: What is the minimum tenancy length?

A: The minimum tenancy length is 12 months, unless you are taking over a current tenants lease. While we don't offer break clauses, we do allow you to find someone else to take over the remainder of your leases, subject to them passing our reference checks. Once the replacement tenant has signed the new lease and paid any invoices due will no longer bound by the contract and your deposit will be returned to you.

Q: What if I lose my job, can I break the contract?

A: Again we will allow you to find a replacement to take over the remainder of your lease but this is subject to our reference checks and approval. Once the new tenants signs the lease and pays all the necessary funds you will be allowed to terminate your lease.

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