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London Flats is a reliable and robust tenant to commercially minded landlords. Our considerable experience in London allows landlords to enjoy an open and mutually beneficial relationship for the medium to longer term, minimising their unwanted costs and eliminating the unnecessary traditional tenant related problems. Read on to find out more about services...

  • "No Fees"

    we charge 0% commission for our service which includes full management of your property

  • "Guaranteed Rent"

    Guaranteed rent in your account each month hassle free.

  • "No Voids"

    No void periods, no need to worry about searching for new tenants every 6 or 12 months.

  • "Fully Vetted Tenants"

    All our tenants are fully vetted professionals or mature students only

What We Do Best ?

Why are we different from other Estate Agents? Our key differentiator is that we are not an estate agency and because we are not an estate agency we don't charge our landlords a single penny for our service. Instead we pay you, the Landlord a fixed monthly fee for the property, based on current market rates. We manage the property ensuring that the property is kept up to a high standard to attract the right tenant for the property and all at no cost to you

Guaranteed rent

All rents from us are guaranteed for the duration of the tenancy whether or not we have tenants or not. During our tenancy with you there will be no void periods and your rent will be paid on time to your nominated account.

Questions about guaranteed rent? Check out our FAQ page...

No fees

One of the reasons we are so popular with landlords is our no fee policy for an excellent service. We ensure the rent is paid on time, ensure the property is maintained at a high standard by dealing with issues as and when they arise and maintain through a weekly professional clean each week.

Questions about fees? Check out our FAQ page...

Our Maintenance Team

To ensure our properties are maintained to a high standard we have partnered with British Gas services who deal with the bulk of our maintenance issues primarily dealing with all plumbing and drains, electrical faults and appliance repair. By partnering with a reputable maintenance company we able to deal with issues quickly and notify you where necessary in a timely manner. We also finance a professional weekly cleaner to ensure our properties remain well kept during our tenancy.

Questions about our property management? Check out our FAQ page...

Reputable Tenants

All our tenants are fully vetted to ensure they are suitable for your property and make a perfect fit for our flatshares. All our tenants are professionals or mature students, we carry out full references from both previous landlord and work references and have guarantors in place for our student tenants.

Questions about how we find our tenants? Check out our FAQ page...

Why Use Us?

  • Long term lease agreement a minimum of 2 years up to 5 years.
  • 100% Commission Fees
  • We pay excellent market rates for your property.
  • No void periods during our tenancy
  • Properties only occupied by fully vetted tenants

Long Lease Agreements with no voids

All our lease agreements are for a minimum of 3 years which means during our stay you never need to worry about void periods or searching for new tenants or paying out hefty commissions to estate agencies.

Questions about void periods? Check out our FAQ page...

Immediate Decisions

Once we have inspected the property and it fits within our criteria we make an offer on the property within 24 hours. Once in agreement we will have all the paperwork out to you within 48 hours, all our contracts are signed online so there will be no delay with us taking on your property.

Questions about how we make our offers? Check out our FAQ page...


We have a dedicated landlord only access site for our landlords to keep in touch. All details of the property, reports, gas safety inspections and more will be stored here for you to access at any time.

Questions about how we will keep in touch with you? Check out our FAQ page...

The future of lettings

We are the perfect tenant for the commercially minded landlord as we offer guaranteed rental with no void periods, ensuring the flat always has fully vetted professional tenants. We handle all tenant queries and all maintenance calls therefore ensuring you never have any late night emergency calls.

Questions about why sharing is the future? Check out our FAQ page...

Landlord Testimonials

Here are some testimonials form our landlords: Click Here


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